Christmas Markets 2016 : and a message to buy handmade!

Christmas is fast approaching!  Now while you may groan and roll your eyes at the idea of thinking about this holiday in October, crafters everywhere are well into production mode.  By the time you get around to feeling festive they will have a wonderful selection of goodies for you to choose from.  

I really do urge you to consider replacing commercial mass produced gifts this year with tenderly made hand crafted gifts.  This doesn't even mean you have to shop local.  With the internet you can buy from crafters all around the globe.  A great place to find local markets in your area is the etsy local event calendar.

I would like to take a moment to highlight two markets that i'm in this year in Vancouver, BC:


And finally a note about custom orders:

If you are wanting an ornament with a custom name, phrase, colouring, basically anything that isn't currently available on either my website or etsy store (check both they have different selections) then you'll need to have placed your order by the following dates:

Locals (Vancouver, BC area):

To receive by December 1st, place your order no later than November 15th.

To receive by December 22nd, place your order no later than December 1st.

International Folks (anyone outside Vancouver, BC):

All orders must be placed by November 7th, and will be shipped on November 21st.  This should allow them to arrive by the 2nd week of December depending on where you live.

What I do

 This is the very beginning.

I am intimidated about writing a blog, there are so many great ones out there.  For me this is a great way to begin tracking all of my crafting experiments.  Traditionally I have used a note book and pasted in bits of this and that, but here I can capture images of things in process in addition to thoughts and ideas.  I wish I had more images of things I made as a child.  I went through a fairly heavy paper mache phase.  I remember making a volcano, masks, a cat, a dog, and this monster which ended up covering my laundry basket.

Out of focus but you get the idea.  circa 1994

Out of focus but you get the idea.  circa 1994

He is by no means a work of art, but I was never afraid to try.  

In the present I try to remember that as my adult brain is much more critical.  Experimenting isn't always pretty but I like the mystery in not always knowing how something is going to turn out.  I feel now that i'm finally at a place where i'm not afraid to share my mistakes and hopefully some of my successes.