Here are a few of my favourite ornaments.  These have gone to good homes, but I wanted to share with you some possibilities.  If you see something you like here and it isn't in my shop let me know.  In some cases I may still have the papers or with slight alterations you can create a custom ornament.


California Cactus


This was one of my favourite map ornaments.  The cactus paper was printed and then I hand coloured the plants.  I aged the California map to give it that 'just been on a road trip' feel.  Choose a map and a theme and i'll make you an ornament to keep as a memory of your favourite trip.

Lord of the Rings

The ornament on the right tells the tale of the Battle at Helm's Deep.  All of the paper has been washed with a brownish gold hue.  The top and bottom caps on this ornament have various crowns.  On other similar ornaments I have also used parts of the Middle Earth map.  Despite there being many copies of these books in circulation, I have chosen to copy and print sections instead of destroying the publication.   The ornament on the left is a Gandalf sillouette.  I use the triangular space as a shadow box so the figure has depth.



I have done a series of Romeo and Juliet ornaments.  This one has the word LOVE spelled around the centre of the ornmanet.  The red and gold papers look wonderful against the pages of text taken from a copy of the play.  For Romeo and Juliet I don't mind using copies of the actual play as there are many and many texts floating around used book stores.

Winnie the Pooh and Piglet too!

This ornament features the lovable Pooh bear and Piglet.  These illustrations come from the complete works.  As this work is now in the public domain I have digitized some of the images and re-printed them on various papers.  This ornament features only the illustrations but snipets of text and other characters could also be included. 

Pink Christmas


This past Christmas I had a very special request for a pink Christmas themed ornament.  Pink Christmas papers are harder to find than one would imagine.  I'm very happy with the way this turned out!